Four Types of Online Consumers

When you’re building a business website, your goal should be to decide on the right style, atmosphere, and content that will improve sales. This isn’t always an easy goal to achieve. You need to think about who’s going to be reading your content – keeping in mind that people tend to skim the page for headlines. Assess who your ideal customer will be. Chances are you’ve already got an idea of who your main customer base is, but as we’ve all got individual personalities, there are bound to be all sorts of different types of buyers. The content that you put on your website can influence visitors to your site, which will ultimately result in online success.

Below are four different types of online consumers to keep in mind while designing your site:

Thrifty buyers

People who fall into this category are the types of people who look for discounts and bargains. In many cases, it doesn’t even matter what type of discount, as long as they’re getting one. Their main focus is the price they will end up paying for a product or service, and any value they might gain for that price. Just because this buyer is thrifty doesn’t mean that they don’t focus on quality as well. They work hard for their money just like everyone else does. They simply want a deal – more for less.

Make sure to go with words that will communicate low price with high value. Having your focus be on affordability will show your thrifty customers that you are giving them something for their money. By doing this, you are making it much easier for Mr. Thrifty to part with his money.

Buyers who prefer a personal touch

Phrases like “We care”, “You deserve it”, “You’re worth it”, etc. are music to the ears of buyers who thrive on some sort of personal interaction. These types of buyers prefer a feeling of a personal touch when they’re shopping. They want to know that you care about them and their needs. When dealing with this type of customer, if they’ve decided that they like the sales staff and customer service more than the product, they’ll still purchase it. That’s just how important having that personal touch is to them.

Go with words that will convey a higher level of personal attention when choosing content for your site. In any way you can, send the message that the customer who’s there at the time is the only person on the planet who matters to you. After all, your customer’s happiness is your goal. The happier they are, the more likely they are to not only buy, but continue to buy in the future.

Ethical shoppers

This type of buyer loves words and phrases like “Green”, “Eco-Friendly”, “No Animal Testing”, “Save the Planet”, etc. Buyers like this are the types of people who will not tolerate unethical products or practices. They tend to turn their backs on the big box stores and go for smaller venders who’ve got the same attitudes that they have.

When deciding which words to go with that’ll reach out to these types of buyers, make sure that you go about it in a community way. Make sure to mention things that you practice in order to do your part when it comes to bettering the world. If you help other people through your company, make it a point to share that information with your buyers. The more you can show these people that the world matters to you, the more likely they are to come to you when they are looking for a product or service that you offer.

The Anti-Shopper

People who fall into this category prefer quick, easy, and convenient ways to get what they’re looking for. This person pretty much detests shopping and is there for one reason and one reason only: To get in and out as quickly as possible. Anti-shoppers don’t even care where they spend their money. They will go with whatever is most convenient and fastest. Shopping is a huge chore to this type of buyer.

Choosing words that show the buyer that you are there, convenient, and simple to buy from will do a world of good when dealing with an Anti-Shopper. Assist them in making their shopping as quick and convenient as possible. Keep your words to a minimum and make them simple. Keep your wording a bit on the upbeat side as this might assist the Anti-Shopper with their mood while shopping.

Having good content that specifically targets individual types of buyers gives you a much better chance of making sales. You’ve got to reach a buyer directly and as quickly as possible by using wording that they actually want to hear.

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