Creating Balance in a Busy Entrepreneur World

As a women entrepreneur, whether we are a married, not married, with kids or without kids we are all always busy. Have you ever thought about what a balanced life would look like for you?

What is balance? Balance is taking care of yourself and all that is important to you.

Because each of us our unique in our own way, we will also have different ways of creating balance in our lives. What may seem crazy and out of whack to one person, may be the perfect balanced schedule for another.

So, how do we go about creating balance in our life? First we have to decide on what balance means to us.

What does your ideal balanced life look like?

· What do you have time for?
· What do you get to enjoy?
· How much down time do you have?

Once you have decided what your ideal balanced life looks like try this great exercise to help with re-organizing your schedule, so that it more closely reflects your ideal balanced life.

Clear the clutter from your calendar: Imagine that your calendar is like a room that you are going to clean out and organizze. Start by removing everything in your calendar. Once you have cleared your calendar, start by inserting what you absolutely must have to survive, like sleep and work. Then start to add things back in order of importance. Make sure to add “me time”, just like it is an appointment with an important client.

Special Note: Make choices based on what YOU want and not on what YOU think other people want. Stop doing things because YOU think you “should”. Remember that it is OK to say NO!

Today is the day to begin living in balance. Reconnect with your passion and interests and establish a sense of purpose. Remember a good plan and budgeting your time is a fabulous way to maintain balance in your life

We would love to hear how you have budget your time! What are some ways you have created a balanced life?

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