Compelling “Call To Action” Messages

In today’s information-overloaded world, the average person is bombarded with upwards of 50,000 messages a day. Now more than ever, people want you to present your marketing messages in easy to understand, bite-sized pieces and most of all, they want to be told what they should do next.

To make your marketing messages truly compelling, you’ve got to:

  • Ask them critical questions to get their attention
  • Give them the reassurance that there is a way out of their situation
  • Tell them exactly what they need to do next

A clear and compelling “call to action” needs to be on everything you use when prospecting for new clients: your website, e-zine, brochures, business card and special offers and mailings. For example, your website should not only establish your online presence; it should also generate new leads/sales for you.   Take a really critical look at your website and ask yourself:  Does the very first page ask your visitor compelling questions to remind them of their discomfort and then tell them exactly what they should do next? You’re not being negative or hitting them over the head, but they’re visiting your website for a reason, so you need to get their attention in order to help them solve their problems.

Take a few minutes to critique your business card…is it simply a calling card with your contact information or is a fully functioning “workhorse” that actively brings in new business? Your business card should not only include your contact info, it should also include some type of “call to action” message. An example could be a free special offer that you give to prospective clients in exchange for their name and email address.

If someone is interested enough to stop by your website or look at our marketing materials, they’re looking for some help. Don’t let this opportunity pass…take the time to create compelling and unique call to action messages so that interested ones can get the help they came looking for!

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