Becoming A Successful Business Woman

I love Carol Roth’s no nonsense attitude and straight up style. She truly wants women to build businesses that befit our greatness yet she feels we’re not succeeding at this. One of the country’s most successful business advisors, Carol has provided frank, straightforward and insightful business advice to hundreds of business owners, ranging from a single entrepreneur with an idea to Fortune 500 businesses.

In these short but powerful videos, Carol explores the difference between what makes a man and woman successful in business by thinking bigger and by delegating. She also gets fired up explaining the job to business spectrum, clarifying the differences between a jobbie, a job business, and a bona fide business – and why you should have the latter – today!

Women Aren’t Succeeding in Business by Carol Roth from Carol Roth on Vimeo.

Carol Roth’s Job To Business Spectrum from Carol Roth on Vimeo.

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