7 Ways To Increase Holiday Sales

The holiday season is a wonderful time for retailers! This time of year is often the busiest shopping season of the year and as a retailer you  should do everything you can to get your fair share of holiday sales.

Here’s a list of 7 things you can do to increase holiday sales:

1. Sell what people are buying.  Books, clothing and electronics are a few of the top gift buying categories.  Consider ways to package your product/service within these categories.  Thanksgiving day is a great time to conduct informal research among friends and family.

2. Payment Plans.  The offer that says, “No payment in 90 days to qualified consumers” has become a major buying trigger.  Think about how you can make your own easy payment plan.

3. Gift Certificates.  People like to give gifts. Let’s make your business into a gift certificate.  Get started by purchasing parchment paper and envelopes at a stationary store.  Make sure to number and track each certificate in order to prevent fraud.

4. Gift Baskets.  Instead of a certificate, how about a basket?  You could place your certificate and several other products within a gift basket.  Post the basket and a list of items on the home page of your website.

5. Deliver, Deliver, Deliver.  People will pay dearly to make sure their package arrives on time.  Make sure to include an option for next-day delivery.

6. Build a Team. Orders are about to start pouring-in. Now is the time to interview potential seasonal workers.  The worst time to hire people is when you are in a rush.

7. Partner with Retailers.  Who else wants to reach your best customer?  How about offering a limited number of free gifts to other companies in exchange for being a part of their promotional campaign.  You will gain tremendous benefits from this free advertising.

What are some tips that you use to increase your holiday sales?

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