7 Quick and Easy Press Release Tips

Writing press releases to highlight your small business accomplishments can be a phenomenal way to gain extra exposure and visibility.

However, most small business owners don’t understand how to write a press release that will bring them results.

Before you take the time to write your press release, make sure to implement these seven quick and easy tips to ensure that your press release is a success:

1) Limit your press release headline to under 80 characters in length (including spaces). In addition, avoid using ALL CAPS. (You don’t want to shout at your readers.)

2) Your entire press release should be between 300 and 800 words. Shorter is always better in the world of public relations.

3) Limit the number of links within your press release to one link for every 100 words. You don’t want editors and readers accusing you of “link spam.”

4) Avoid hyped-up, exaggerated phrases such as “best”, “amazing”, “state-of-the-art”, etc. It’s important that your release remain factual, straight-forward and believable.

5) Write your releases from a journalist’s third-person perspective. Never use “I” or “we” unless it’s in a quote.

6) Read samples of good journalism (such as the New York Times or Washington Post). This will remind you how to write from a journalistic viewpoint.

7) Avoid using industry jargon that will confuse or alienate your readers. It’s vital that your release is simple to understand for each of your readers no matter what their background.

In addition, when you write and distribute a press release, you want to ensure that you always include these pertinent facts about your products and/or services:

– What is your product/service?

– Why does your prospect need it?

– When is your product/service available?

– Where is your product/service located?

– How will your product/service improve their life?

– Call To Action: What do you want prospect to do?

If you follow these simple steps when writing your press release, you are sure to bring extra visibility and needed exposure to your small business.

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