5 Resolutions That Will Help You Get and Keep Customers in 2012

It’s all about getting and keeping customers! Yet somehow as the year rolls one, we take our eyes off the prize. Here are five easy resolutions you can stick to that will get customers sticking to you.

1. Focus on a niche. Find a niche of customers that is already spending money in a market that you intend to sell to. Markets that are always growing include health and fitness, online marketing, social media and making money.

2. Build your personal brand. Give yourself a title that people will know you as. I am the DIY Marketer, Mike Michalowicz uses “Toilet Paper Entrepreneur”, Patti Stanger is the “Millionaire Matchmaker”. Be known as SOMEONE who does SOMETHING.

3. Have at least 5 conversations a day. These conversations should help you promote your personal brand. It’s not as hard to do this as you might think; answer a question on LinkedIn, refer someone, make a connction, use your expertise so solve a problem for someone, write an article, tweet an article with a great comment. Make this a daily habit and you’ll see your referrals grow

4. Create a lead magnet. Don’t let your web space go to waste. Create an ebook, white paper, report or template and use it as a free giveaway on your site.

5. Run an email marketing campaign. Nurture the leads you grab with your free giveaway with informative articles and tips that are delivered via email.  Some great email marketing companies include: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, iContact, and Aweber.
Practice these tips daily and you’ll see your customer list grow.

 Ivana Taylor is the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Third Force (http://thirdforce.net), a strategic marketing firm that helps small to medium sized companies get and keep loyal, profitable customers regardless of price.

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