3 Tips to Help You Get Motivated

It can be exciting to start your own business! Your dreams of havng more freedom to do what you want to do are finally becoming a reality. You are so excited to share your business with everyone you meet!  But what happens when you lose this motivation, when the realities of being a business owner kick in?

Tamyka Washington, owner of The CEOMamma, has some great tips and ideas to help you stay motivated.

Do you remember that feeling you had when you first decided to start your business? The feeling of excitement, the thoughts of finally having the freedom you deserve and the ability to now be able to express yourself and allow your creative juices to flow with no restrictions. Starting your business meant you were ready to take control of your destiny and financial future…simple right?

I remember those feelings…but is it really that simple?

After a few months in, you begin to realize it takes a lot more work and effort then you originally anticipated to get your business generating real profit. Next thing you know, fear of failure creeps in and you begin to doubt your ability to succeed.

As women entrepreneurs, we ALL go through the motions (and emotions) of operating a business and living our dreams. So often during our journey, we all feel a sense of doubt at times. But what can we do to stay motivated to move forward when we experience a lack of inspiration?

Believe in Yourself. As an entrepreneur striving to build a business, we have a vision that has been implanted in our heart to bring forth into reality. During this early process, we have a natural desire to want to share our vision with whomever will listen. Unfortunately, not everyone will share your same passion for what it is you want to do or support you the way you wish they would. No matter how hurtful or discouraging this can be, everyone will not believe in you…even if it those most closest to you.

A lack of support can not be a reason to give up. You have to learn to believe in yourself even when others won’t! If you will not believe in yourself or what you stand for, how can you expect anyone else to. Your vision is just that, YOURS! Except it, Embrace it and Run with it no matter what.

Be Driven to Succeed. Your vision stems from a passion that lies deep within you. It is your purpose in life to fulfill the need to accomplish it. You have to possess within you the strength and the desire to keep moving forward regardless of what obstacles or road blocks cross your path.

Think of your reason ‘WHY’ you are choosing to do what you do. Whether it is to be home to raise your children, create financial security, have freedom from corporate america, the reason has to be so strong that absolutely nothing can stop you from making it happen. Your reason has to be so powerful that you will not stop pursuing your mission even if you have yet to produce a dime.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. There is a quote that relates with this statement: “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.” – W.L. Bateman. In order to stay motivated and moving forward in your business, you have to feel the fear, get out of your own way and do it any how, no matter what it is.

Only you can limit yourself from becoming whatever it is you want to be. Don’t allow fear to stop you dead in your tracks. It’s okay to take calculated risks and do something you’ve never done in order to move you to the next phase of your business. Maybe you feel the need to contact an expert in your industry or email a potential business partner but your unsure of what to say, and that’s okay. You have to Just Do It!

You can do anything you put your mind to. Allow yourself the freedom to forget about your past hangups and evolve into your newness. You have complete control over your life and situation. When you are able to step out of your comfort zone, you will start to see amazing growth in your business and experience a boost in self-confidence and become unstoppable!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get motivated to move forward in your business!

You can learn more about Tamyka by visiting her site at http://www.theceomamma.com

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