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Are you drowning in paperwork? Look at the desk (or peek in the wallet) of most busy entrepreneurs and you’ll find a stack of business cards, receipts and other various pieces of paper that might be needed for future reference or tax purposes. wants to help you get rid of the proverbial shoebox full of papers and get organized. Send in your important receipts, papers and business cards by mail, email or mobile phone, and will scan and store your digital copies for you. You can access your documents online at any time and also export the data into your tax, bookkeeping or contact management program.

Why Use Shoeboxed?

  • Save time and money. Never scan a receipt again.
  • Never worry about losing your data if your computer crashes.
  • Access your receipts any time, anywhere.
  • Never buy scanners, replacements or upgrade again.
  • Send in photos of receipts with your mobile phone or our iPhone app.
  • Automatically archive online shopping receipts from vendors such as in your account.

I signed up for the service a few weeks ago and finally got around to sending in my first batch of reciepts ( I am an accountant by day and this batch included several client reciepts)…I ended up sending 135 reciepts!  I was very impressed with the service…they sent me an email acknowledging they had recieved my receipts. They send you postage free envelopes to use.  About a week later I got another email that my receipts had been scanned and I could access them online. The scans are crystal clear and you can export different reports to many different programs such as Excel, Quickbooks, and Constanct Contact. The report included the date, vendor, sales amount (including the sales tax amount), type of expense and a link to view each individual reciept.  I didn’t have any business card scans in this first batch.

So far I am loving the program and the best part is that you can use the services whenever you  need them…you don’t have to commit to a contract…you can use the services on a month-to-month basis.  They even have an iPhone app which allows you to snap a picture of your items and send them in.

If you are looking for a easy way to get rid of paper reciepts and other documents, I really suggest trying out You won’t be disappointed!

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