10 Must Haves For Mompreneurs

Mom entrepreneurs continue to be some of the most creative, resourceful and passionate people in business.  Lisa Druxman, Entrepreneur.com’s ” Mompreneur ” columnist and the founder and CEO of fitness franchise Stroller Strides interviewed many successful mompreneurs and asked them “ What can you NOT live without as a mompreneur?”

 Check out the must-have list  she compiled from her interviews:

1.Phonetag.com –This website is a must-have. It’s a service that transcribes phone messages, which are then sent to an e-mail account. With all phone messages transcribed, you can discretely check voicemail via smart phone while at school assemblies, standing in line, etc. The service provides the entire voicemail message including call-back phone numbers. It’s great for checking the status of voicemail messages left on the office machine without having to call in all the time.

2. Daycare –My must-have is fantastic, reliable daycare. Your hours might not be 9 to 5 as a mom entrepreneur, so you need to be able to depend on your child care situation so you can attend essential meetings, answer phone calls and work.

3. Housekeeper –A good housekeeper is my No. 1 must-have. It doesn’t matter who makes your bed or does your dishes. Get those household chores off your to-do list and you’ll have much more time to spend on the important things in life. Plus, a good housekeeper can watch your children when you have to take a call or leave for a last-minute meeting.
4. Helpareporter.com –HARO is a must-have for mom entrepreneurs, especially if you can’t afford a publicist. On average, business owners receive 15 to 30 queries each day about various media opportunities. It’s free and it just takes a few minutes to see if a query is a good match for your business.
5. Husband –OK, not everyone has one. But if you do, appreciate him and acknowledge that he can offer great support for you as you run your business. Not only can he can help with the kids, he can also be your sounding board. If he thinks he’s a part of your business, he’ll be more likely to lend a hand.

6. A Smart Phone –Whether it’s an iPhone, a BlackBerry, a Treo or something else entirely, it allows you to juggle multiple priorities anytime, anywhere. It lets you balance work and motherhood.
7. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn –Get profiles up on all the social media sites; it’s free and some of the heavy traffic these sites get will be transferred to your site as people find your profile and click on your business’s website and blog links. Be careful not to let it suck too much time from your day; designate a specific amount of time each day to attend to social networking sites and stick to it. Use sites like twitterfeed.com to feed your information from Twitter to your other social networking profiles.
8. Dedicated Work Space –Your hours might not be traditional and you may be homebased, but you need some adequate work space if you want to be productive. Create a home office that’s organized and inspiring. Make sure you have enough time each day to work while someone watches your children.
9. A Good Accountant –Get somebody who will help you make decisions to prepare for the growth of your company. While this may seem like something you can do yourself, it’s best to have a professional make sure your business is financially sound from the start.

10. A Virtual Office–I think a virtual office is most important. Make sure you have a web-based system so you have access to your e-mail, faxes, files and calendar wherever you go.

Learn from what these successes mompreneurs have shared and these invaluable time-savers will benefit you, too.

 Lisa Druxman is also a nationally recognized speaker and author, and is considered an expert in the field of fitness, particularly pre- and postnatal fitness. She hosts a free monthly webinar during which she answers questions from fellow mompreneurs. If you are interested in participating, contact her at lisa@strollerstrides.com .

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