Why Use Postcards

Direct Mail Postcards are still a powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal-yes, even in this day and age with our blogs and tweets. So why use postcards in this modern era? Below are a few good reasons to include postcards in your marketing plan.

You don’t have the email address.
There is a good chance you’re missing the email address for at least some of your customers and prospects.  If you have their postal address, a postcard can be a great way to point them to a sign-up form to join your email list.

You’re looking for new customers.
Postcards can help you to reach out to a new audience. For examle, if you run a neighborhood business or a business that focuses on a certain city, postcards can be a great way to reach out to people who have just moved to town.  The Postal Service generally does not forward Commercial mail when someone moves, so a new resident’s mailbox will likely be emptier than normal.

An email address has bounced.
If an email address bounces back as undeliverable, then a postcard can be a great way to get the correct address. 

You want to create a larger, integrated marketing campaign.
Email marketing is spectacular and great! But this doesn’t mean postcard marketing is dead. You can send a postcard out to email recipients to reinforce your message or to even announce that a special offer email is coming their way on this date.

You need a way to reach out to people who don’t respond to your emails.
No matter how good of a job you do on your email marketing efforts, there are at least some people who don’t bother to read what you’re sending them.  Changing things up and sending this group a postcard is a nice way to get your message front & center and re-engage them with your company.

Once you decide to include postcards in your marketing plans, be sure to pick a designer who can help you create the perfect card for your business! Feel free to contact us and we can help you create the perfect design for your postcard.

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