SitterSource-The Social Network Community for Sitters, a social network community, just launched as a place for sitters to get advice, make friends and become better child care providers. The community is free to join yet provides valuable insight for babysitters into what they can do to add value to their services.

 At you will find articles, crafts and games, and most importantly a network of other sitters ready to share their knowledge and expertise. Sitters new to providing child care can find valuable tips and answers to their child care questions. Seasoned pros can share their experiences and provide much needed advice. In either case, sitters get the benefit of networking, forming friendships, and sharing their experiences—both those that are trying and those that make being a child care provider a rewarding experience.

Sheryll Pang started the social network forum to provide a place for sitters to educate one another and to benefit babysitters in training. Pang believes that the more a sitter is informed, the more capable they are at keeping the children they care for safe.  She believes that “Being a sitter or child care provider provides so many unique challenges that often only other sitters can appreciate or understand. is a great place for sitters to meet, exchange ideas or experiences, and find answers to common questions”. allows sitters to find answers to child care challenges, and learn new and fun ways to keep the children they care for entertained. Babysitters in training can gain insight into the responsibilities of being a provider and locate babysitting jobs.

If you are looking for some fun and creative  ways to become a better babysitter, you need to register at SitterSource!  Your free membership allows you to network with other sitters and share you experiences, both good and bad.  You will also find articles and tips to help you become the best sitter ever!

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