Offline advertising ideas for online businesses

Millions of people use the internet each day. It is a wonderful proving ground for testing new strategies for growing your online business. But, have you thought about using offline marketing strategies to promote your business?

When you run a business from a website, you are one among thousands. It is just like walking down a street and seeing many business marquees. They all look the same unless something makes one stand out from the others.

This is where you have the opportunity to distinguish your business.

Employing marketing strategies in the right combination takes time and patience. You can easily find a combination of online marketing tools to help you reach your market and keep them coming back.

But, just in case you didn’t know there are quite a few offline strategies that are available to you as too. And contrary to what you may think, they are not just for offline businesses either! If you keep an open mind, you can expand into that realm and find an untapped market for your products.

Here are six things to help get you started:

# 1: Fundraisers

Contribute products to raise money for local companies.

Be sure to place a business label on each product and also include business cards and a typed letter to the lucky winner about your products and how they can get more.

# 2: Charity Functions

Much like fundraisers, if you give money or your time to promote a charity event, your name can be included in the programs and on any other promotional items for the event like t-shirts and giveaway items.

# 3: Business Shows

Renting a booth at a business show gives you a small corner of the world to promote your business to other business people and the local market.

Stock your table with business flyers, business cards, promotional items and sample products.

Offer a contest prize giveaway to get people to sign up for free mailing lists or monthly newsletters.

# 4: Seminars

As a business professional, you may have something important to say to others.

Just like you give interviews and do webinars, create a plan to offer your services to local business fairs, college seminars and church or community workshops.

Speak about your business and offer advice to other small business owners. Don’t forget the business cards.

# 5: Direct Mailing Advertising

This is where marketing really all began!

Add a promotional flyer to direct coupon mailing packets in your area.

Use straight-to-the-point language and offer a coupon or coupon code for people to take advantage of a special offer.

# 6: Local Business Organizations

Join with other local small business owners. It doesn’t matter that you have an online business, you are still a part of the community and have something to offer.

Partner with other businesses to bring awareness of your product locally, using their client base.

Of course you will also be lending your client base to help them venture in the online arena too.

Promoting your online business offline can be a win-win situation.

You bring awareness to a new market that can add substantial dollars to your bottom line.

Pam Lawhorne is a self-proclaimed social networking junkie who has written more than 197 articles for this website. Each week she provides valuable business and marketing resources, along with easy-to-use tips that business owners can immediately begin to implement in order to start getting results.

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