Mompreneur Gallery

Mompreneur Gallery

If you are a mompreneur or thinking about becoming one, you should check out the Mompreneur Gallery! This new online community gives you nationwide power to meet phenomenal women who are independent and small business owners, who work from, away or at home and support the businesses within the group by encouraging one another, sharing wealth of business information and ideas, participating in group sponsored teleconferences/seminars/motivational speakers (related to topics on how to boost our businesses) and most importantly, are serious about having financial freedom and flexibility with how and when we work!

They are a vibrant, passionate community of women who create connections on multiple dimensions (personal, professional and business) throughout our life stages. This social network strives to provide an atmosphere of encouragement and support to empower members to succeed based on their own personal definition of success and support the “whole woman”.

Your membership allows you premier directory listings, discounted event prices, and full access to resources.

The Mompreneur Gallery is all about building relationships and our businesses with people who are just like us – Moms. So take the time out to meet your fellow Mompreneurs!!!

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