Let’s Get Retail Ready! Teleseminar

Are you still struggling to get your product into more retail stores? Do you ever wish you could find out what retail buyers are looking for? Here’s a chance to learn from my tips on how to make your product retail-ready.

This teleseminar, hosted by Grace King-owner of RetailRecipes.com, will provide a great opportunity for indie-designers and artists around the country to learn how to make their product retail-ready with starting, maintaining, and growing a product-based business.

During the teleseminar, you will learn what retail buyers are looking for, how to create stellar linesheets and ways to create a buzz that get buyers to call YOU! This is a one hour call followed by a LIVE Q&A session.

Whether you design baby onesies, paper goods, clothing, accessories, or home décor items..etc, this teleseminar will cover all the components to start and maintain a product-based business and gain the attention of your dream retail buyer!

The seminar will be held on Tues, November 22nd, 12pm EST and will be a one hour call followed by a live Q & A session. Visit RetailRecipes.com to register and learn more about the teleseminar.

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