How to Find Networking Events

Every business owner and business professional should build up a resoureful network. Networking will can help you establish relationships with others that can help your business succeed.  interest. Here is a list of 6  websites to find networking events:

Meetup – This is the flagship website of networking events. Recurring meetings are displayed in an organized manner. Meetings based on your interests are presented in a way that you can see the ones that are starting right now, upcoming and in near future. This is a great website to help you find networking events and meetings.

NetParty – Networking website with a twist: this is a great resource for finding and hosting business and social networking events after work. Location based networking events help you find meetings of your interest in your area.

Eventbrite – This is a practical site full of interesting events. Whether you are looking to attend a technology meeting or a social event to network with professionals within your industry – this site has all of that. Eventbrite should be your go to website for finding meetings and networking events in your area.

LinkedIn Events – Mostly overlooked yet on the rise, LinkedIn Events lets you browse quality business events and meetings in your area and based on your connections. For any professional events, LinkedIn Events is a robust website for finding networking events.

Facebook Events –By using Facebook one can keep himself abreast of all the networking events your friends are attending or hosting. Facebook mostly offers social networking events, though at times you can find or event coordinate a professional event suited for your business needs.

Yelp – Yelp is primarily known for reading and posting reviews of products and services. In addition, Yelp offers its users an ability to host and meet with people in your area based on particular interests. This is a great way to connect your business with potential users or simply find new friends. Check out Yelp as a website to help you find networking.

Whats sites do you use to find different networking events?

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