Easy Marketing Ideas

One of the biggest challenges for home based entrepreneurs undoubtedly is marketing their home business. So many of these talented entrepreneurs have all of the passion and know-how of their specific business but they lack one crucial skill-marketing. It’s easy to get caught up in a marketing slump when you don’t have a background in marketing. We’ve put together a few marketing ideas to help you get out of your marketing slump:

1. Volunteering
Volunteering is another way to make contacts. Volunteering doesn’t have to mean cleaning up litter or other community activities; it can also be volunteering to do something related to your business. If you are a caterer, you could volunteer to help with a conference or make food for the needy. And if you are a desktop publisher, you could volunteer to work on a community publication. As an added bonus, the local paper may publicize your kind effort if they are made aware of it. (Hint: send press releases!)
2. Know your audience.
Who is most likely to want or need your product? Why should they want to buy your service or product? Know the motivation, so you can target to the correct customer base with a message that will appeal to their specific needs.
3. Offer a special incentive to encourage new customers.
You may want to offer a buy one, get one 50% off. Or get your first hour free. Or free shipping with every order. Give people a reason to buy from you.
4. Have superb customer service.
Nothing beats great customer service. When you work with a company that treats you well, accepts returns when needed and provides a good product or service, you are sure to return and to refer others.
5. Use testimonials.
People love to know that others have used your business and have been pleased. If you have a satisfied customer, ask if they would mind writing a short testimonial for you.
6. Differentiate your business from others.
Make your business unique. Offer something different. Make buying from you memorable.

With a little planning and persistence, you too can make your marketing sizzle. Marketing does not have to be complicated; it just needs to be consistent.

We would love to hear about your marketing ideas! What are some ways you market your business? Is there a particular activity that has really worked well for your business?

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