5 FREE PR Ideas

PR or publicity is about gaining editorial coverage in the media for free. You might pay an agency to do this on behalf of your business or you can utilize some of the free PR suggestions listed below:

1.  Womens networks/websites/groups

If you are a woman in business there are loads of magazines and websites dedicated to featuring business women. Research these and be sure to contact them with your story. If you are a confident public speaker you can let them know you are available to speak at their events.

2. Utilize local media sources

Remember that your local paper likes to promote local stories. Find out who the editor is next time you read it and contact them with a ‘local’ story angle.

3.  Milk those awards!

If your business is fortunate enough to win an award, make sure you milk it for all it is worth. Create a media release announcing the award. Distribute it to the relevant business media and industry media.

4.  Online marketing-blogs, social networking and more

This is another ideal way to promote your business. Join websites that your customers may frequent and tell the members about your products or services. Start to twitter about your business, start Facebook groups supporting issues that are close to your business or product. Make the most out of the free promoting you can do online.

5. Become an expert

It is worth contacting the major newspapers, TV and radio stations to register with them as an ‘expert’ in whatever your preferred field is. When stories come up that require comments from an ‘expert’ in a particular area, they may call on you if you have registered with them. It would also be a good idea to register with http://www.sourcebottle.com.au as this is a resource for journalists looking for experts. Journalists also can create a ‘call out’ when they are looking for particular stories or people to talk to. Some of them may be perfect for you!

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