The Writer’s Block

Full Name: Stylicia Ann Bowden

Company/Business: The Writer’s Block


Year Founded: 2008

Tell us about your business: The Writer’s Block is a company developed to assist aspiring writers to gain knowledge in the areas of marketing, promotion and self publishing. Writing workshops and seminars will be the vehicle provided to give writers essential knowledge through their writing journey. Other topics included will be platform creation and freelance writing.

What inspired you to start your business: The inspiration behind the creation of The Writer’s Block was my own journey of becoming a self published author. Many writers would inquire about how did I self publish my own writings so I decided to create a business with the writer in mind to give them essential info for their journey of becoming a self published author.

Share one business goal: One of my business goals is to have my own radio show.

What would you say contributes to your success: I believe the key antidote that contributes to my success is perseverance, faith and keeping God first in my business. (Deuteronomy 8:18)

Please share any additional information about business:

“The Sound Of The Spoken Word (poetic cd)” will be coming out in March!!!!

The Writer’s Block: The Sound Of The Spoken Word (Vol. 1) is available at

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