The Sharmooz

Full Name: Ann Tillage

Company/Business: The Sharmooz


Year Founded: 2007

Tell us about your business: The SHARMOOZ offers Glamour Style Living for LESS! The Sharmooz provides a proven method for stopping hair damage, preventing split-ends, decreasing facial lines and alleviating dry facial skin. The exquisite 100% Charmeuse Satin Luxury products are endorsed by medical professionals, hair care experts and Toni Belle – Celebrity Hair Stylist from Los Angeles.

SHARMOOZ provides a proven method of stopping hair damage and alleviates dry skin from infants to adults. Satin pillowcases have been used for generations as easy and effective methods for maintaining hair styles and saving dry skin. The Sharmooz re-introduces this best kept secret with NEW, sleek and contemporary designs. The satin gift lines are innovative with two patent pending products to assist with hair repair and skin hydration.

What inspired you to start your business: The SHARMOOZ Company was initiated by the ground-breaking and innovative Baby Sharmooz Infant Satin Headrest (patent pending). For decades, moms were advised their precious baby locks will grow back in “due-time”. The Baby SHARMOOZ was developed reducing the re-growth phase of infants bald spots. Instead of hiding your bundle-of-joy’s balding hair with tight bows and tedious baby hats, feel free to show-off hair re-growth within three months vs. 18 months. Mom invented and mom approved. Infant hair loss can be prevented with the patent pending Baby Sharmooz Infant Satin Headrest.

Share one business goal you have: We are on a mission to spread the word to women around the world that quality satin pillowcases and innovative satin re-hydration products prevent hair damage and dry facial skin – for good!

What would you say contributes to your success: Persistence and determination

Please share any additional information about you and your business: Our current promotion is 15% off your purchase. Be sure to use coupon code:  Sharmooz01.

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