Safiya Karite

Full Name:   Cleo Allen

Company: Safiya Karite


Year Founded:  Est. 2004

Tell us about your business: We began as a natural skincare business in Feb 2004 and after a great deal of thought, decided to redirect our business formulations and enter into the natural hair care market.  All of our products are original formulations and created with health consciousness in mind.  We use everything that we make and we make everything that we use in our home from the soap, to shampoos to conditioners and body sprays.

What inspired you to start a business: It was more of a necessity that an inspiration.  My new baby was just screaming every time I bathed her, washed her hair, or lotioned her down.  She would cry for quite a while.   She couldn’t stand the smell or the feel of the products I was using.  Like Johnson and Johnson, and Baby Magic by Mennen.  I loved the fragrance of them, but she hated both.  So, my husband (now ex) says to me “Honey your hands are blessed and you should make her what she needs.  You have to do something”.  So I did.  I’ve sold natural handmade skincare since 2004 and on February 20, 2010 we will no longer be know as a skincare business.  We are now a natural hair care company.

Share one business goal: To move the business home-base to Atlanta Georgia and to no longer look like a home-based business.

What would you say contributes to your success: My motivation and the need to achieve something other than the norm and what’s expected of me as a woman and a single mother.

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