My Harvest America

Full Name:  Natalie Pope

Company/Business:  My Harvest America


Year Founded:  2009

Tell us about your business:

The grocery store of the future is no store at all! Imagine with a click of your mouse, you can order your favorite name brand groceries from the comfort of your home.  The best part is you paid less and enjoyed the convenience of free shipping right to your door! We are so convinced our prices are better we Guarantee them!  We offer over 10,000 items in our store with everything from diapers, cleaning supplies, canned foods, baking items, coffee, and paper goods.   The average savings is between 30-50% depending on the area you live in.   The average grocery bill for a family is between $400 to $500 a month.  We are saving families $100 – $225 a month plus the time saved to do the shopping.  Our Loyalty Program offers you the opportunity to earn a substantial income just by sharing our online grocery store.  Monthly income plus matching bonuses can earn you over $20,000 a month.

What inspired you to start your business:

I was so impressed that the items were actually items I purchase every week and at such a discount.  Times are hard now for families and being able to offer them real savings is exciting to me.  They don’t have to change brands to shop with us. We have Kellogg cereals, Kraft mac and cheese, all the things we buy normally.  No more trying to convince them to pay more for items they really don’t have to have.  Everyone Eats…  Everyone buys groceries!

Share one business goal:

To help 100 families save money every month.

What would you say contributes to your success:

I truly care about helping people.  When someone wants more information about this opportunity I will go out of my way to make sure they understand everything and they get all their questions answered.  I never pressure anyone.  It is all about offering the opportunity, sharing information and letting them make the decision to join me.

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