LaBella Baskets

Full Name: Dana D.Ali

Business Name: Labella Baskets


Tell us about your business: Labella Baskets is a new online store for all of your gifting needs.We sell beautiful gift baskets,flowers,cookie bouquets and much more! New customers receive a free gift.We have a program call Basket of Hope that benefits single moms,this program provides a gift basket to a single mom who is having difficulties in her life.We reward her a beautiful gift to lift her spirit and let her know someone cares.

What inspired you to start your business: I always wanted a career that I could be truly happy and enjoy what I do for a living.As a independent consultant for Labella Baskets I can truly say I do love being a part of this new start up company.It has been what I needed and desired to make a decent living.Hopefully my business will grow that my wonderful husband can stop working so hard and be at home with me.

Make someone smile, send a gift basket that will create lasting memories and admiration!

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