Kids Personalized Music

Full Name: Victoria Blackney

Company/Business: Kids Personalized Music


Year Founded: 2007

Tell us about your business: We create personalized music CDs where the child’s name is in the music and lyrics of every song. Our collection features 36 CDs with categories such as: Lullaby, Birthday, Adventure, Faith Based, Sports and Holiday. We also feature 6 personalized DISNEY CDs, which include Elmo, Princess Tea Party, Wiggles, Veggie Tales and Mickey and Minnie. We have over 2500 names to choose from and also carry a Spanish Series. You can also personalize the CD label as well with a special message. “It’s Music That Sings Your Child’s Name!”

What inspired you to start your business: In the summer of 2007 I was searching for a business opportunity and coincidentally came across music that sang a child’s name in every song at a festival in South Florida. Needless to say, I was sold mentally and walked away with six full length CDs that mentioned my grandchildren’s names up to 98 times throughout. At that moment I knew this was what I was looking for. Three years later, here I am providing the same inspirational, educational and positive messages for kids and adults of all ages!

Share one business goal: To brand my product in such a way that whenever you are looking for a great gift giving idea, Kids Personalized Music will be the place you to!

What would you say contributes to your success: Everyday marketing. Is the key, whether it is just handing out a business card, networking on line, sharing my business with anybody and everybody I come in contact with.

What advice would you like to offer other women/moms who are thinking about starting a business: Find something you are passionate about, be consistent. There are many times that you will feel discouraged, just keep at it!

What is your favorite tool/resource you use for your business: I use my business cards everywhere I go, they are a great marketing tool and very inexpensive.

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