Kids Personalized Music CD’s & Dvd’s

Full Name: Victoria Blackney

Company/Business: Kids Personalized Music Cds & Dvds


Year Founded: 2007

Tell us about your business: We create personalized music cds & dvds where the childs name is in the music and lyrics of every song. We have over 2500 names to choose from each one saying the childs name throughout the entire cd. Our categories include: Lullaby, Birthday, Playtime, Adventure, Faith Based, Sports, Holiday and Disney.

What inspired you to start your business: As I searched and focused for an expanded business opportunity, I quite by accident was blessed to hear background music at a festival in South Florida that captivated and drew my attention! Music that sings a child’s name in every song! Positive, educational and spiritual, my entire emotional being collapsed, succumbed to and were held captive by what I heard. Needless to say, I was sold mentally and walked away with six of the twenty four cds that mentioned my grandkids names up to “ninety eight” times throughout the entire cd. At that moment I knew this opportunity was what I was looking for. So here I am providing the same inspirational, educational and positive message for kids and adults of all ages! Like most parents and grandparents I want to instill a sense of purpose, faith and a belief system based on God’s truth that will sustain and endure life’s opportunities, challenges and obstacles.

Share one business goal: Network my product more effectively and learn and optimize all there is regarding social marketing.

What would you say contributes to your success: Daily marketing, even if it is just handing out one extra business card each and every day.

Please share any additional information about you and your business:

We are currently offering a free gift with a 2 cd purchase. You will receive a free personalized printed name keepsake which is done on a 81/2 x 11 acid free art background. This keepsake can be framed. Retail value is $9.95 (Mention Diva upon checkout and I will email you for additional information).

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