Diva Spotlight: My Fairytale Party

Diva:  Stacia Papasavas

Business Name:  My Fairytale Party

Website Address:  http://www.myfairytaleparty.com

Year Business Was Founded:  2010

Tell us about your business:
We take the idea of princess and fairytale themed-parties to the next level by offering nothing less than the best quality. This is true of everything from our costumes, our entertainers, our passion and work ethic. We serve to not only act as a character at children’s parties but we also keep everyone entertained them from beginning to end. If clients want full-service parties we also offer cakes, cupcakes, goody  bags and space to hold their event

 What inspired you to start your business?
At my Daughter’s 2nd birthday we hired a character, which started the spark!  I always wanted to have my own business and I knew all of my strengths would come together for this particular line of work. I did my research and really wanted to present top notch entertainment for my children and have fun doing it!

What has been the biggest challenge in your business and how have you dealt with it?
I constantly have to create and put in place new policies and processes to be on top of everything and feel organized. It’s just me at the moment running the show so it’s a lot of details to keep track of. I have put in place many checks and balances to ensure everything gets done that way it needs to.

What would you say has contributed to your business success?
Staying true to my vision! It is really easy to take the road more traveled – especially when you see that other companies still strive this way. At My Fairytale Party we strive to provide the best birthday party experience.

What advice would you like to offer to other women/moms who are thinking about starting a business?
Start small with your idea – it will give you the confidence to know when it’s an idea that will work. Set yourself apart too. Think about how your idea will stand apart from the rest.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur?
I enjoy the smiles we put on children’s (and parents) faces. I like to feel that we’ve pleasantly surprised everyone.  The Testimonials we receive – I put up on the website. Reading those, make everything so incredibly rewarding. I often have tears in my eyes knowing that we’ve really created something so special for someone.

What is your favorite tool/resources you use for your business and why?
Because our website is our store-front, I have to give credit to our web designer Natasha Votypka who keeps it looking beautiful!

Is there anything you wish you’d done differently?
I can honestly say no! It is key to learn and grow in business, so I’ve needed to make mistakes and adapt to get better.

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