Diva Spotlight: Digital Family Scrapbooks

Diva Name: Mari Hinrichs

Business Name: Digital Family Scrapbooks

Website Address:  http://www.digitalfamilyscrapbooks.com

Year Business Was Founded: 2006

Tell us about your business:
I am an independent Personal Publisher with Heritage Makers. Every person has a story and every story deserves a book is the motto of the company. We help clients publish their photo memories so that they have story books that their family can treasure for years to come. We provide free online software, online art work and online photo storage (that doesn’t degrade your photos). We offer tutorials and workshops to help inspire our clients creativity. We also offer complete creative control over our templates and artwork. You can create books with as many photos and as much writing as you want. We also offer wholesale publishing prices through our Club HM. This enables clients to purchase publishing credits at discounts up to 35%. These credits are purchased monthly with a 3 month commitment; publishing lay-a-way plan. As a consultant I help clients with their
projects as much or as little as the client wants. I do online tutorials and monthly digiscrap nights.

What inspired you to start your business?
I always liked the idea of being my own boss. Back in Wisconsin I fell in love with tastefully simple products and became a fairly successful consultant. Once we moved I got frustrated at having to start my business all over again, so I discontinued with them, but I still wanted to do something. I love to scrap book and had several projects started. I hated to have to clean up after a scrap session and having to store tons of papers and embellishments. when I read about Heritage Makers in the April 17th edition of Woman’s Day I was hooked. I signed up that afternoon!

What would you say has contributed to your business success?
Selling a product that everyone can use and that i use regularly. Also being able to talk to anyone about their pictures and what they do with them. this I found has been a great ice breaker when meeting new people. For some reason everyone likes to talk about their photos.

What advice would you like to offer to other women/moms who are thinking about starting a business?
Work in a business you are passionate about. Since working at home for me has been a part time endeavor, it is important that I feel passionate about what I am selling, and that I use the products myself regularly. I love scrapping and this business has enabled me to do what I love and to make money doing it. If you don’t feel passionate about the product, you won’t be convincing when you go to sell it.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Building a business. I love talking with people and showing them how my products can help them preserve their memories. I love teaching so I get to teach my clients, my consultants and anyone else wanting to learn more.

What is your favorite tool/resources you use for your business and why?
My computer and internet. This is how I stay in touch with the home office and my clients. It is also where I create my own story books and projects.

How do you manage your personal and business activities?
Schedule, schedule, schedule.  As long as I have everything on my calendar I am able to make sure I that my personal time is just that. I love my kids and the reason for being a work at home mom is so I can spend time with them. It doesn’t make sense to work so many hours that I miss my time with them.

Looking back, is there anything you wish you’d done differently?
I wish I had found this company sooner. Though I did have a good 3 years with tastefully simple, I truely love working with Heritage Makers and helping clients create their story books.

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