The CEO Mamma

Full Name: Tamyka Washington

Company: TheCEOMamma


Year Founded: 2009

Tell us about your business: TheCEOMamma is a growing organization specializing in teaching women entrepreneurs how to successfully build a profitable business with a minimal budget by utilizing strategic marketing tactics, techniques and tools. We offer an empowered network community of women entrepreneurs who are committed to achieving financial independence while inspiring other women to success.

What inspired you to start a business: What inspired me the most was my passion to want to help other women entrepreneurs start a business. I started a Direct Sales business over 7 years ago on a very limited budget and discovered the tricks to generate income by marketing my business with nearly zero investment costs. I learned through trial and error and found what works and want to share my knowledge with other women who are just starting a business or need guidance.

Share one business goal: My goal this year is to partner with 5 dedicated and passionate business women who compliment my business and share my dream of making the necessary business building resources readily available and accessible to new women entrepreneurs.

What would you say contributes to your success: I would have to say what contributes to my success is the fact that I can relate to my audience. I am a woman entrepreneur, I’m knowledgeable in business building and love sharing my expertise with anyone who wants to learn!

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