AP Benefits Plus

Full Name: Laurie Lee

Company/Business: Ap Benefits Plus

Website: http://www.apbenefitsplus.com

Year Founded: 2009

Tell us about your business: We offer affordable healthcare plans that allow families/groups to save on their healthcare costs, and other family services, like Legal, Financial, Identity Theft, National Child ID.

What inspired you to start your business: The need for a solid financial future (so I won’t have to worry about being laid off) doing something that makes a difference. I really wanted to feel like whatever I did would be helping people.

Share one business goal you have: To build a residual income that will sustain me, because I want to be able to travel abroad on missions trips with my church team.

What would you say contributes to your success: I like to build relationships with my potential customers, not just looking at them as a meal ticket, so to speak. I really care about people in general and this comes across when I have conversations with them. I build trust with people by being honest, and fully informing them so they can make a good decision.

What advice would you like to offer other women/moms who are thinking about starting a business: I have a checklist that I used when reviewing business opportunities which is what I recommend for folks to use when considering starting a business. For women specifically, I would say that they need to check emotions at the door… meaning, you can’t get emotionally invested in your customers/business team members… or you will be on an emotional roller-coaster that will wipe you out. You have to understand and not take things personally… people aren’t rejecting you when they decide to purchase or not purchase from you. You have to commit to your business…taking consistent steps to build it every day. Self-discipline and focus are KEY to success, and a LOT of patience!

What is your favorite tool/resource you use for your business?My favorite tool/resource I would have to say is the back office that is supplied for us when we become a rep/business owner. It is like having a personal secretary and really helps me stay organized.

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