Diva Spotlight: Angelic Baby Creations


     Full Name: Angela Pemberton           

Company/Business Name: Angelic Baby Creations

Website: http://www.angelicbabycreations.com

Year Business Was Founded:  2009

Tell us about your business: Angelic Baby Creations is geared towards parents of infants/toddler.  It has Custom Photo Birth announcements, mothers bracelets, long sleeve bibs, hair bows and holders, tutus, and more in the works.  It started with a hobby which expanded from going to craft fairs to a web based business. You can become a fan of Angelic Baby Creations on facebook for specials and promotions throughout the year.

What inspired you to start your business?  I have an in-home family daycare which inspired me to create my long sleeve bibs.  After using them for daycare, the parents wanted them for home and gifts and a lot of people were requesting them, which prompted me to start the business.  It grew from the long sleeve bibs.

What has been your biggest challenge in your business and how have you dealt with it?  The biggest challenge for my business is marketing.  I have so many ideas, but with have a daycare out of my home full-time (and 3 children of my own) I do not have the time to go out and market like I would like to.

What would you say has contributed to your business success?  My daycare that I have is probably the biggest way to get the work out about my business.  A parent or perspective parent find out about it who tells their family/friends who tell others.

What advice would you like to offer other women/moms who are thinking about starting a business?  It may be very difficult at first and it takes a lot of time and effort, but it can pay off.  You need to make sure your family is on board and supports you. If you do not have the support of your family, it will not work.

What is your favorite tool or resource you use for your business?  Believe it or not, the best resource I have is also my daycare.  Haha.  Having children from the ages of 6 weeks to 10 years old, I am able to test things out on them to see how they fit or how they hold up, which allows me to tweak anything I make so it will last and not just fall apart or to make sure they fit right.

Share one business goal you have for your business?  Someday I would like to make Angelic Baby Creations my full time job, making enough income to replace the daycare I have now.

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