A+ Professional Resources, LLC

Full Name:  Ms. Reverle Harris

Company/Business:  A+ Professional Resources, LLC

Website: http://www.abizresource.com

Email: rharris@abizresource.com

Year Founded:  2005 – Michigan; 2006 – Georgia.

Tell us about your business: We are business consultants that offer a vast number of resources for the small business owner and/or home based businesses for their total organization, marketing, and legal protection. We also provide access to wholesale office supplies which gives, “big savings to small businesses”. Ask us about any of our services. Websites: http://www.paperplusoffice.com , http://www.abizresource.com

What inspired you to start your business: My family who are entrepreneurs and multiple involuntary lay-off’s in past Corporate/Healthcare positions.

Share one business goal: Jumpstart my training course and new Association currently in preparation for Small Business Owners.  Coming soon!

What would you say contributes to your success: Having a positive attitude in the service I provide to others while using my expertise.

Please share any additional information about your business:

Contact us to be invited to our events for small business owners to network and receive valuable training on business development, internet marketing and more!

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