Votre Vu

Full Name: Arlene Lizarraga

Company/Business: Votre Vu

Website: http://www.votrevu.com/arlene

Year Founded: 2009

Tell us about your business: French beauty treats once available exclusively in European spas and boutiques are now available to be shipped to your doorsteps. These botanical based products give you radiant skin from head to toe.

What inspired you to start your business: I want to spend more time at home with my children.

Share one business goal you have: I would like to take my family on vacation next year.

What would you say contributes to your success: Belief in the product.

What advice would you like to offer other women/moms who are thinking about starting a business: Love what you are offering and make no judgements, just go for it!

What is your favorite business tool/resource: Brand Ambassador center has wonderful training and downloads.

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