Client Spotlight: Da Queen of Kings

Da Queen of Kings is Alicia–a mother to two sons, a wife and a writer. Join her quest as she writes about her life experiences as the Queen (mother) to her two Kings (sons). Be inspired with her vision to raise her sons to be “ultimate men”.

As she speaks of her vision…”Imagine the ultimate man, one who is intelligent, compassionate, loving, strong minded, respectful, ambitious, positive and a hard worker. A man that knows how to cook, clean, change a tire, fix things around the house, read to improve themselves, communicate well, and has a personal relationship with The Most High, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

This is what inspires Alicia: “I come from a family full of men. For some reason the ratio of men and women in my family is five men to every one woman. So I have a real soft heart for black men. It really hurts my heart to see our black men fall behind in our society. Our young African American men are falling in the cracks of society and are not getting the respect that they rightfully deserve. Our ancestral black men built this country on their backs and our black men continue to shape our society to this day, through pop culture. The goal of Da Queen of Kings is to change the way we are raising our Kings, so when they grow up, they can step up to their thrones in life and earn the respect that they rightfully and inevitably deserve.”

Read her blog and join her. She’s inviting guest bloggers who’s got something to share about children,parenting, health, finance, family events, cooking and other family oriented topics.

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