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5 Tips to Get More Blog Subscribers

If you write for a blog or website and you want get more subscribers, you need to read these tips. Getting readers to subscribe to your website or blog can be difficult. You need to offer something better than all the other writers out there. Follow these tips, however, and you will have plenty of interested subscribers.

Ask Readers To Subscribe
Readers are not going to subscribe if they do not know that they have that option. At the end of every article or post, include a sentence informing your readers that they can subscribe if they click a link. If a reader is interested in what you have to say, they will subscribe so that they can read some more of your content.

Write Plenty Of Interesting Content
Too many blog writers and website creators write content stuffed with keywords and do not think about whether or not their content has any actual value. Keywords can help readers find your articles, but they need to contain valuable information that visitors to your site will actually want to read. Write entertaining, informative, and engaging content, and your readers will be eager to sign up to read more.

Respond To Article Comments

Your readers will be more likely to become subscribers if you regularly engage with your audience. Respond frequently to reader comments so that they feel like you are interested in what they have to say. If people feel heard on your website, it is likely they will want to subscribe so that they can return and keep conversing with you and other readers.

Update Frequently, But Not Too Frequently
Although you should update your content regularly in order to give your subscribers something to read and discuss, be careful not to send your subscribers so many updates that they feel like they are being spammed. If you update too frequently, you could lose readers who simply cannot keep up with all your updates. Aim for one or two updates a week to keep people interested. Try not to send out more updates than this unless you have something truly exciting to announce.

Offer A Benefit To Subscribers

To get more subscribers, you should offer some benefits to readers so that they feel like there is a real reason to subscribe to your content. If you run an online store or shop, consider offering coupons just to people who subscribe. If you do not run a store or business, offer them access to exclusive content to reward them for their interest and loyalty. Let your readers know that your subscribers receive special deals, and people will be eager to sign up for regular updates. Following these tips will help you convince readers to become subscribers.

This guest article was contributed by Jennifer Bell from Health Training Guide. Jennifer is a freelance writer and mother of 2 based in Los Angeles, CA. Check out her site to learn more about veterinarian training and other exciting health careers.

Your blogger conference-make the most of it!

The Savvy Blogging Summit starts this week, BlogHer is a few weeks away and numerous other blog conferences and events are scheduled throughout the year. Going to a blog conference can cost anywhere from 200 to over 1000 dollars when you add up registration fees, hotel, meals, and travel costs. It is important that you get your money’s worth when you attend a blog event.

Here are some tips to make the most of your next blog event.

Be Yourself

Behind the computer screen you can be whoever you want, but when you show up “in real life” to these events remember to just be you. People come to these events excited to meet their online friends and when they meet you they want you to be you!

Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself to the person next to you, across the table and across the hall. Since bloggers spend a lot of time behind the screen, stepping out and being social can be difficult. Don’t think any blogger is “too big” to want to meet you. You attend blog events to connect with other bloggers.

Come Ready to Learn

Does the event have a business focus, a networking focus, or a social media focus? Come prepared to learn. Research the speakers and sessions before you arrive. Figure out what sessions you would like to attend (if there are options). Don’t go to a blog event and spend the whole time working on your blog! You can do that at home for free. Schedule guest posts or write ahead of time so you can spend your time at the event actually learning and networking.

Come Ready to Connect

Make a list of questions to ask other attendees, partners and instructors! Bloggers like to share information with each other, so be ready with questions for your fellow bloggers. It’s also a great time to connect with partners and sponsors. If you are interested in working with certain brands or learning more about affiliate programs, blog events are a great way to connect face to face with your favorite companies.

Did you love a session, connect with a sponsor or meet a new blogger? Give them some love on Twitter or Facebook. People who aren’t there can learn from you and it also helps promote the event you are attending.

Create an Action Plan

What takeaways did you get from each class? Create a list of the items you need to work on and prioritize them into buckets for one month, three months, six months, and one year post event.

What are your tips for making the most out of a blogging event?

How to Stop Blogging Without Killing Your Blog

No matter how much you enjoy writing, sharing, and interacting with readers, there will be times when a pregnancy, new baby, illness, or family crisis will make it necessary to take a break from blogging. Thankfully, there are ways to step back without jeopardizing the hard work you’ve dedicated to building your blog.

Carletta Sanders, mom of four and owner of the website, Successful Homeschooling, shares five wayt to keep your blog alive while you’re on hiatus…..

1. Pre-write.

If you know you will be unable to blog for a season, pre-write material to post during that time period. Before the birth of my last child, I spent weeks preparing newsletters to send out during those busy months following his birth. Treat your blog just like any other business, and plan ahead.

2. Solicit Guest Posts.

Guest posts are a great way to generate new content when you’re unable to write it yourself. Contact other bloggers to see if they are interested in submitting posts for your blog. You can also contact experts in your niche to see if they will write an article for you in exchange for the publicity your blog provides.

3. Revive Old Posts.

Leverage work you’ve done in the past by promoting posts from your archives. Make a list of top posts, organize 3-5 posts into a series, or spruce up an outdated post with new findings.

4. Spread a Little Link Love.

If you don’t have time to craft original material, point your readers to other resources. Link to relevant news articles, share helpful tutorials, post YouTube videos, or make a list of your favorite blogs. Writing top five lists that link to other blogs is a quick and easy way to keep blog content fresh. It can also help you build goodwill with other bloggers.

5. Simply announce that you’re taking a break.

Sometimes we lack energy for even the simplest of tasks. If you are truly overwhelmed or in the midst of a crisis, just let your audience know that you won’t blog for awhile. The vast majority of your followers will respect you for your decision, and when you’re ready to return, they’ll welcome you back with open arms.

Carletta Sanders is mom of four and owner of the website, Successful Homeschooling. Take time today to visit her homeschool blog, or follow her on Twitter at @homeschool101.

Unique Blogging Tools & Resources-Part 2

 Here are a few more blogging tools to help you create a great blog. Be sure to read Part 1 for more blogging tools and resources:


What is it? A Twitter tool that tells you the best time to tweet for maximum impact.
How does it work? By looking over your last 199 Twitter messages, Timely analyzes the best times to schedule your tweets for the highest engagement. Including a link to your blog? Well then of course the more people who see it, the more traffic you’re likely to get from it.
Also note: Timely is free, but the pro account features also include letting you post to Facebook.

My Blog Guest

What is it? A directory for bloggers looking for, and offering, guest posts.
Why is it worth bookmarking? Sometimes you’re short on time to write a post—especially if you’ve got a vacation coming up and you’re trying to schedule content in advance. Guest posts can help you save that time. My Blog Guest acts as the man in the middle, helping you find guest posts to publish, or blogs that will publish your writing.
Stating the obvious: Guest-posting is a great way to get new traffic to your site.


What is it? A broadcasting tool allowing you to host your own video talk show right from your blog.
What can you do with it? You can take “live” calls from your readers who can participate via web cam or chat. Worried about who might appear on your video? Set up a friend as a “screener” to preview them behind the scenes.
Features worth noting: You can cut to close-ups of the host or caller, making your production look extremely professional.


What is it? A tool to check for available usernames.
Why would you use it? Along with setting up a new blog, comes setting up its related online profiles (Twitter, Facebook, and more). Consistency is key for your “brand” so try to register the same usernames or vanity URLs if you can.
Bonus info: NameChk will search across 160 of the most-popular sites. A similar tool is KnowEm.

Unique Blogging Tools & Resources-Part 1

One of the most exciting things about being a blogger is finding new ways to improve your blogging experience. Whether that’s by implementing a new plugin to give your site extra functionality, finding an untapped traffic source to boost your reader numbers, discovering a resource that will help you create more entertaining posts, or learning of a website that’ll reignite your blogging mojo.

Here, we’ve listed a  few blog tools and resources you may not have heard of. Tommorrow we will be posting a few more unique blogging tools and resources to help you build a great blog!


What is it? A social-media conference directory.
Why is it worth bookmarking? Sometimes, the best places to learn about all things online, is offline. And getting to know your readers and fellow bloggers IRL (in real life) is a highly rewarding experience. This is where Lanyrd is useful—use it to find blog conferences by topic or location. Find out who’s going, their Twitter handle, and other conferences they plan to attend.
Bonus info: Can’t make it to the event? Lanyrd collates numerous resources covering it, including write-ups, videos, slide decks and photos. Learn what went on, even if you weren’t there.


What is it? A tool designed for blogger outreach.
How does it work? For publicists, it claims to provide the tools required to reach bloggers who’ll care about their story. For bloggers, it lets you set up your preferences for how you like to be pitched—email? LinkedIn? Twitter? The choice is yours. BlogDash also lets you select the type of opportunities you’re open to receiving, such as products to review or events to cover.
Bonus info: More than 25,000 bloggers are currently listed.


What is it? A very simple newsletter tool you can use for free.
Why is it worth bookmarking? If you’ve ever wanted to charge your readers for a newsletter subscription, but lacked the technical set-up know-how, TinyLetter is as simple as they come. Simply create your account, decide what you’ll charge per month (or of you’ll charge at all), and embed the sign-up form on your blog. Easy.
Other options? The concept is similar, however readers must pay to subscribe.

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