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New Gmail Changes

If you use Google’s Gmail as your business’s email provider, you might have noticed something different…Google has unveiled a new look and feel for Gmail that it says makes the service more “clean, simple and intuitive.”

Here’s a rundown of what to expect from Gmail’s new features and how business users can benefit from them:

• Streamlined conversations. This will most likely be the first change you’ll notice. Google has redesigned the email “conversation” view in an effort to make reading through email threads easier. Conversations now contain profile pictures for your contacts which, Google says, should make it easier for user to keep track of who said what. This can be useful for business users who often have numerous colleagues or clients communicating on the same email conversation.

• Expanded search. If you click the dropdown in the search box, you’ll see an advanced search panel that allows you to search your emails by sender, recipient, for subject lines and keywords. This can help save time when searching for specific emails.

• Updated navigation. Users can now expand the chatting and label areas. This can be especially helpful for business owners who use Gchat to communicate with employees in satellite offices or use a significant number of labels to help organize their emails.

• New display features. One new feature automatically adapts the window pane to display content in full no matter the size of the window on your computer screen. This can be helpful for busy entrepreneurs who have a million windows open at one time. Another feature allows users to adjust “display density,” meaning you can control the spacing between emails on your screen. This will be beneficial for users who often check business email on mobile devices, which of course have smaller screens.

When you sign into Gmail, you should notice a link in the bottom-right corner of the screen that says “Switch to the new look.” Once you click on that you will be prompted to either switch to the new design or continue using the old version. No matter what you choose now, Google says it will automatically switch all users to the new design “soon.”

3 Websites to Help Organize Your Life

Staying organized is one of the major tenets of having successful and productive day. Some of us have inherent organizational skills, but most of us require additional help. In fact, we all suffer a lot of stress which could be avoided if we organize our life.

Below are three websites that can help you bring some order to your life:

1. provides tools and advice on how to organize  almost anything, including your life, your storage space, your weekly menus and your calender.

2 . is a no-nonsense site which offers a practical guide to cleaning and de-cluttering your life. It is a great place to begin getting organized and help you manage your time as well as money apart from, planners and calendars, menu planning and printable checklists and lots more. We think it is very elegantly designed and easy to navigate with straightforward tips on getting organized in life. Another resourceful website to help you stay organized!

3. you have a chaotic and hectic household then Cozi might be of great help to you. It is completely free and offers a multitude of options for users to get organized. The shared family calendar feature is a great way for the entire family to stay connected online and easily keep track of what everyone is doing and where and when everyone is supposed to be. You can create to-do lists and shopping plans too. A great way for the entire family to stay in tune to each other’s lives!

4. offers quick and easy ways to save and store anything worth remembering — from ideas, phone numbers, notes, photos, recipes you accidentally find online and even barcodes of items you want to buy. View this as an online notebook where you can scribble anything. You can even partition your life into different notebooks like home, office, school, vacation, shopping, fun, friends etc and keep writing into each of them. There’s a digital inspiration board where you can visually organize a lot of things like your backyard design etc. Springpadit is a practical online tool to help you stay organized no matter how chaotic your daily routine.

 Getting organized takes time and won’t happen overnight. How do you organize your life?

How I Stay Organized

Does your phone,  computer and email overwhelm you?  You are not alone! Many of use face the same problem. Running an online business requires I spend a lot of time on my computer and using my email. My inbox ia always full and it can be difficult to stay organized and not get overwhelmed overwhelming. Hhere are some simple ways that I use to keep my email inbox, my computer, and my phone from becoming cluttered and disorganized.

Organize your inbox

I use folders for everything! Because of my online business, I can’t and don’t delete the majority of the emails I get, since I need to save most of them for future reference, etc.

Each one of my clients has their own folder in my inbox. This makes navigating my inbox and finding past emails from certain clients or for certain projects easy. I also have folders set up for personal emails  as well as folders for newsletters and other messages.

De-clutter your computer

Another area that tends to get cluttered up and disorganized over time is your computer. Whether it be client documents, personal photo collections, or the software you use to run your business it’s easy for your computer to get pretty cluttered pretty fast. Here are two ways that I use to keep my computer from becoming disorganized :

Tip #1: Backing up my computer regularly. Having an uncluttered, well-performing computer is well worth is a must. You can invest in an external hard drive or use an online storage service such as Dropbox or Mozy. I use Dropbox to backup all of my documents, photos, files, folders, and anything else I can think of! I also use Dropbox as a way for customers share information about their projects.

Tip #2: Again, I use folders! And subfolders! By keeping the documents and photos, etc., that you can’t back up to the external hard drive and then delete, in their own folders and subfolders on your computer, you will find it fairly easy to navigate and find what you need when you need it and your computer will look and be neat and organized.

Get rid of unused phone apps

It’s always a good idea to go thru your phone and uninstall any apps that you aren’t using anymore. You should also delete photos, text messages, and emails that you nol longer need.  I notice a big difference in my phone speed when I “clean” it up. else that has been there for a long time but I no longer need or want.
Those are my tips for keeping your phone, computer and email under control….what tips would you like to share?

Taka break-you will feel better!

Everyone needs to take a break sometimes.  Evelyn Parham, owner of http://www.evelynparham, shares her thoughts on why we all need to take a break!

There is so much more to life than working. What is there to life?

There is life… you must get out there and enjoy it. You only pass this way once. Soon you will look around and wonder where the time went. Get out there and make the time count for something.

There are some people who never take breaks to enjoy time with family and friends. There’s a saying and it goes something like this, “All work and no play, makes Jack and Jill a dull boy and girl.” This means that without time from work a person becomes dull and boring.

Dull and boring is not something you want to be known as. It is not good for you as a person and it is not good for your overall health (mind, body and spirit).

Taking a break from everything is like stopping for gas to fill-up the tank. You may be running on empty, have low energy, have loss of interest in the things you use to love, but once you fill-up your tank by taking a break, you find yourself back in the game running on full.

When you take a break you find yourself feeling better in more ways than one. You feel better taking breaks because it helps you:

1. Get rejuvenated. Rejuvenation is when you are restored, refreshed and revived. Even your very appearance changes after some much needed relaxation.

2. Be more energetic. When you work non-stop without breaks, you are bound to run low on energy. One of the ways you can get your energy levels back up, is to take a chill pill and just stop doing and simply be.

3. Be more optimistic. If you keep going and going and going, you will soon lose your optimism and passion for those things you love the most. Keep the pessimistic attitude out of the equation by relaxing.

4. Be more creative. Sometimes you will feel that you cannot create anything and that there is something blocking you from being the creative person that you are. But there is really nothing blocking you. Stepping away can get your creativity flowing again.

5. Find your center. Never taking breaks can get you off your path/goal. Whenever this happens, you feel lost out in the middle of no where. Being still and quiet is a form of taking a break, because it allows you to focus.

6. Enjoy life. You do not want others to think of you as dull and boring. Taking time to get away from it all almost forces you to enjoy life.

Do not wait until you think you can schedule a time to take a break, do it whenever your mind, body and spirit feel they need a break.

Be still, quiet and listen. Do you hear the ticking of the clock? It is now time for you to take that much needed break. Your mind, body and spirit have spoken.

About Evely:  Evelyn Parham is a wife, mother, blogger, and health enthusiast. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, and playing around with video editing.

Is Your Website Phone Friendly?

There are approximately 6.4 million iPhone users in the US alone. Estimates for the number of smartphones on the market vary, but many experts believe that over 80 million Americans will have smartphones by the end of 2011. And that’s just in the US.

As the user base of smartphones grows, businesses must adapt. If your website doesn’t load properly on a smartphone, you’re leaving a gigantic demographic behind. Even people who have computers often use the internet on their phones instead for on-the-go usage.

Reason # 1: Going Phone Friendly Is Easy

Yes, it does take a bit of development effort. But it’s not as hard as it looks.

For one, you can easily tell your user’s browser to adapt its page width to whatever width the device is, using the meta viewport tag. That means that whether someone’s looking at the screen from a computer, an iPhone, iPad or an Android, they’ll all see a web page that fits exactly according to their screen.

If you want to put in additional development effort, you can even create completely different web interfaces for phones. This is slightly more complex, but you’ll create a much more seamless user experience. iPhone sites are generally much smaller than typical websites and therefore easier to design.

Reason # 2: Going Phone Friendly Is Profitable

It’s incredibly frustrating to load a web page on a phone and not be able to see it properly. Chances are, if that happens you lose that customer for good.

If they load the site and get a typical, non-phone friendly website, they’ll usually still browse the website. They’re not afraid to scroll a little more or zoom in and out. That said, however, it won’t make much of a positive impression.

On the other hand, if you go through the effort to create a phone-friendly website, this will really create a great impression on phone users. They feel like you “get them” and catered to them. They’ll be much more inclined to do business with you, whether it’s by phone or when they get home to their computers.

Reason # 3: Forward Thinkers Tend To Be Buyers

Whether or not you create a phone-friendly site does depend a bit on your market.

If you’re catering to 60-somethings who are about to retire, as a demographic they’re likely less inclined to be using smartphones. In that case, you don’t need a phone-friendly website at all.

However, in most markets, the people you want on your website are people who are comfortable using the web. People who are comfortable online are also more comfortable pulling out their credit cards. They move through more pages, meaning you get to display more ads. In short, the early adopters are absolutely an audience worth catering to.

The bottom line is this: Smartphones are becoming more and more prevalent all over the world. Give your business a leg up by creating a smartphone-friendly website. It’s not that difficult – in fact, just a few lines of code could make a huge difference

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