Startup America

Startup America is an organization that focuses on building and developing the startup ecosystem in America. They help young companies connect with advice, talent, capital and more to assist them on the road to success. The first year has seen over $1 billion in commitments from partners to help support the Startup America mission.

They have assembled more than $1 Billion worth of commitments from dozens of partners to support the growth of startups in five key areas:

Expertise: Connect startups with training, mentors, advisors and accelerators
Services: Provide startups with access to critical services at reduced costs
Talent: Assist startups in recruiting, training and retaining the people that can help them grow
Customers: Help startups through acquisition of new customers and expansion into new markets
Capital: Highlight sources of capital available to startups in various regions and sectors

Once startups apply and become a Startup America Firm, they can access and manage these resources through a personalized dashboard.

In addition to the product and service focused offerings, Startup America Firms gain access to Connection Programs which provide unique opportunities to connect with thought leaders, major corporations (as partners or customers), customers, and more.

Startups are at the heart of the Startup America Partnership. You can join us as a startupcorporate partnerresource providerregional leader or simply cheer startups on by tracking their progress.

Below is a video from Startup America’s CEO Scott Case discussing the past year:

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