Benefits of using Google Analytics for your Small Business Website


The best way to find the stats for every page of your site is to use Google Analytics. Google Analytics will give you the total number of visitors for each page, the unique visitors (brand new visitors), page views, the time your visitors are on your page, and a many other things.

Who can use Google Analytics?

It’s important to know that Google Analytics is not just for big corporations or top websites with major traffic. It’s designed for all business owners (big or small). It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for a few months or a few years, it doesn’t matter if your site has been up for a few days or a few months, you will benefit by using Google Analytics.

Benefits of Google Analytics

Track Online Campaigns – The Google Analytics system is designed to track online campaigns such as keyword and email campaigns. You can use these website statistics to further optimise your campaigns and know what makes a good campaign and whether or not there is room for improvement.

Find out Where Your Visitors Are Coming From – It is not always easy to figure out HOW your visitors are ending up on your site. But with Google Analytics, you can see the specific pages your visitors are landing on. And my favorite is the fact that you can track which keywords or keyword phrases people are typing in in order to find your site.

Track Which Campaigns are Successful – Google Analytics provides information about each campaign that you run. This allows you to figure out which campaign is working and which ones aren’t. Better yet, it gives you the information you need to segment your results by referral source, new or returning visitors, etc.

Allows You To Create Better Content – With the data you get with the Google Analytics reports, you can see which pages on your website are working and which need tweaking. It might just be a matter of adding in some additional keywords or you may find that you need to rework the content all together. But at least you can better understand what works and what doesn’t.

It’s Free! – There are many comparable website tracking tools out there that you actually have to PAY for. Some hosting companies will even suck you in to pay a monthly fee to track your stats from their website, but it is not necessary. Google Analytics provides just as much or even more info and it is completely free.

How to Set up a Google Analytics Account

Here is a helpful video that will walk you through how to set up your Google Analytics accounts and how to use the Google Analytics interface:

When you have the power that Google Analytics can give you, you’ll have the advantage over your competition. You have control over the information your website visitors access from your site, and the ability to change the content as needed according to your stats. When you choose to grow your business and use your website to make it happen, Google Analytics is a must have. This is a valuable tool that all business owners can benefit from regardless of the size of your business, the time you’ve been in business, and what type of business you run.


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